2017 Annual CFI Conference

Thanks for Another Amazing Year!

This year's conference was another wonderful time of celebrating all the blessings God has provided for CFI. He has given us so much and so many people to support us as we seek to care for these young boys. There is still a number more that need help and we are always trying to increase our ability to help. Above are a few photos from this year's event on April 30th, 2017. A big thank you to Grace Church at Willow Valley for Hosting this year's event. They have always shown such kindness to our organization. We greatly appreciate them and their blessed ministry.

CFI Featured Child October 2016

Meet Piyush Rajkumar Pathote 

Piyush from a recent trip to India in August 2016.

Piyush comes from a very poor family. His father worked in the fields and mother was a house wife. Piyush’s mother was feeling very weak physically when she was diagnosed with tuberculosis while at the hospital for a check up. His father could not pay for the treatment or medicine that she needed. In a short time she succumbed to the disease.

After the death of his wife, Piyush’s father squandered his income on alcohol. Piyush and his brother wandered their village without food, nor did they attend school. Piyush’s grandparents were very worried for his future, but did not have much either. They brought Piyush to CFI where we’ve cared for him since. Today, Piyush is thriving. He is well fed and getting an education because of the kindness of our donors.

Piyush is one child that CFI was able to help, but there are so many more that have the same unmet needs Piyush once had. Please consider making a donation to further the mission of CFI.